Profi reached 150 stores in Romania

PROFI, the modern retail network, opens today its first stand alone store in Bucharest in the Calea Vacaresti area, near the “Timpuri Noi” subway station. This is the chain’s 23rd unit in the capital city and its 150th in Romania.

“This stand alone project has been built entirely to our specification, adapting the standard conditions to the constraints of the property on which it was erected; it offers optimal sales conditions, in step with the PROFI musts,” said PROFI Rom Food expansion manager Cosmin Calugar. “We shall continue to rent space in commercial centers and residential buildings, but in the future we shall pay greater attention to renting stand-alone space as well as to building stores of our own. For the near future, we also consider taking over some local networks, the way we did with Alcomsib in 2012.”

In 2013, PROFI will open 45 stores in a standard format, as well as in the new small formats City (for urban areas) and Loco (for rural onwa), while Bucharest will enjoy some extra attention from the company. As of this spring City stores will emerge both in the capital city and in Cluj.

Developing the Southern and Eastern areas of Romania will be encouraged by opening a second PROFI logistic warehouse, in Ploiesti; this will allow for supplying more efficiently the stores in this part of the country by way of shorter routes to them.

As in the case of the newly-opened store in Vacaresti, PROFI offers partnership opportunities to different companies which can rent sales rooms within the PROFI stores all over the country, thus benefitting from the large number of clients generated by these stores.

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