Your clients and partners are reading this site, one of the most complex informational sites for Retail & FMCG, is a communication and advertising platform, so it is an ideal medium to promote your company and your products.

Here are the advertising options:

Dedicated newsleter and newsletter insertions

Dedicated newsletter, reserved for partners, contains messages and banners insertions only for your company (brands, products or services).

Newsletter insertions contains messages and banners inside daily newsletters.


An Advertorial is an article about your company or products and may contain a number or unlimited words, photos, videos multimedia and links to your web pages. The shorts advertorials are also available.


Top Banner

This banner is located at the top of the page, with the most prominent position clearly visible on all pages of the site. Banner Size: 728 x 90 px.


This banner is located on the sides of the site, within the site and is visible on every page. Recommended dimensions of branding: 1280 x 800 px from each side (branding) of size 100 x 800 px.

Banners top right

This two banners are located at the top of the Sidebar with visibility on every page. Banner Size: 300 x 250 px.

Banners left middle

This banners are located in the middle of the page, on the right side, under the „Sondaj” Section. Banner Size: 300 x 250 px. 

Banner under every article

This banner is located at the end of each article on the site, between the article and the comments zone and is visible inside every article. Banner Size: 728 x 90 px.

Pentru newsletter

For more details, please write us at and we’ll send you a proper offer.

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