Alexandrion Grup Romania launches the first application in the world that discourages drunk driving

Alexandrion Grup Romania and the Romanian Police launches, the first application in the world that discourages drunk driving, entitled: “Remember! Life does not have a restart button!”.

Go to Apple’s App Store and download for free „Don’t Drink and Drive” to understand the risks you expose yourself and the people around you to, when you drink alcoholic drinks and then drive.

„Don’t drink and drive” is the first world-wide application that aims to signal against driving under the influence. Initiated by Alexandrion Grup Romania, together with the Romanian Police, this application is a driving simulator, its difficulty levels representing various blood alcohol concentrations.

For instance, did you know that having a BAC of 0.03 per thousand makes you misevaluate the distances? Imagine yourself driving under such conditions! Or try the new game available in Apple’s App Store.

Gyuri Eperjessy, Commercial Director at Alexandrion Grup Romania: “It’s a fact that anyone can notice. The new smartphones technology „virus” is spreading at an amazing speed. This is why we decided to make the first step in this new communications environment: it is accessible and cool at the same time. We used the game concept and transformed it in an educational tool. I hope that we’ll succeed once again in raising an alarm signal on the risks involved while driving under the alcohol influence.”

Game description:

The game can be downloaded directly from your Iphone, searching in App Store: “Don’t drink and drive”.

English Facebook page:

About Alexandrion Grup România SRL

Alexandrion Grup, a romanian company with international distribution is the largest producer of alcoholic drinks in Romania. The company’s products include Alexandrion, Brancoveanu, Cava d’Oro, Kreskova, Alexander, Red Bowler scotch whisky and another 20 brands.

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