real Hypermarket Romania launches the project: „You produce Romanian, we sell Romanian”

On 31st of January, 2011, real Hypermarket Romania signaled the relations’ strengthening between the major international food retailers and the local food producers by launching a strategic project, called “You produce Romanian, we sell Romanian”, dedicated to local food and non-food producers.

Romania is a country with a long agricultural tradition, having the ability to feed about 100 million people. Currently, there are no fully functional mechanisms of internal trade between the food and non-food producers, which means that the local producers, farmers, family associations and small private enterprises are forced to sell their products on their own. real Hypermarket Romania together with Timişoara’s City Hall is considering developing an informative and supportive program for the local producers, trying to facilitate the process of selling the traditional Romanian products through real’s distribution network.

To meet the objectives of the “You produce Romanian, we sell Romanian” project, real Hypermarket will carry out several actions, either in their whole network of stores, either locally or regionally, depending on the situation, throughout this year and the ones to come:

● Fairs and demonstrations;

● Information campaigns with the presence of local authorities, suppliers and producers;

● Recommendation letters for current and future partnerships;

● Training sessions on food safety, quality, distribution and sale of goods;

● Investments in the existing supply chain system;

● Communication aimed at motivating consumers to buy local products.

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