real, – Hypermarket celebrates 5 years on the Romanian retail market

real, – Hypermarket, part of METRO GROUP, celebrates five years on the Romanian retail market. Since the opening of the first store in Romania in 2006, real,- has invested over 550 million to develop a strong network that currently brings together 25 stores in 18 cities, reaching the performance to become the widest hypermarket chain in Romania in 5 years only.

Since its arrival on the local market, real, – Hypermarket has positioned itself as one of Romanian’s favorite retail chains, the company reporting increases in sales year over year, even in the actual unfavorable economic environment, 2010 being the year to report a positive operating profit for the first time on the Romanian market.

Within the 5 years on the local market, real,- was a reliable partner of the national and regional suppliers and a committed supporter of local producers. Thus, today, real, – Hypermarket store network sells approximately 70,000 food and nonfood products from 1,700 suppliers, out of which 90% are from Romania. At the same time real – aims to develop strong partnerships with local producers for both food and non food sector.

In 2011, 5 years after opening the first stores, real, – began a long process of remodeling the stores in Constanta, Pitesti, Craiova and Timisoara. The stores received upgrades with an investment which amounted to about EUR 500,000 per store. In the near future, the process of modernization will be expanded to other real,- stores.

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