A very quiet start of the year in romanian food retail

Instead of weekly news summary, in english, we decided to publish a summary of a month and a half, mostly because it was a very quiet start of the year in romanian food retail, with a very few store openings and a little activity. We’ll return to the Romanian retail weekly news starting next week.

First of all, this is the evolution of food retail market in Romania 2013 – INFOGRAPHIC: top 5 retailers by number of stores opened in 2013 and a short analysis.

And now, these are the news from the beginning of the year:

MegaMarket.roSelgros retailer enter into e-commerce by starting a partnership with online platform MegaMarket.ro, joining cora and Carrefour retailers who own coraDrive.ro and carrefour-online.ro online shops.

Kaufland Romania inaugurates the second store in the city of Targu Mures and the network reaches 90 units in Romania.

Carrefour anounced the entering of other 3 store in this newtwork: two Expres Conveninece Stores in Bucharest and one in Brasov. Carrefour currently operates four store formats in Romania, with a total of 163 units: 25 Carrefour hypermarkets, 78 Market supermarkets, 59 Express convenience stores and online shopping website: www.carrefour-online . ro.

Starting from february, the customers of www.carrefour-online.ro online shop can purchase directly from the site bouquets and floral arrangements of FlorideLux.ro brand, in the partnership between the two online shops.

PROFI opened three stores this year in: Cluj-Napoca, Craiova and Corabia. PROFI extends its presence to 108 localities and the network grows to 209 stores, strengthening its position as the second largest modern retailer in Romania.

PROFI managements said that the retail network PROFI is currently not for sale and denies the misleading information published in local press that claims that discussions are under way with the purpose of Biedronka’s acquiring PROFI.

Lidl continues to invest in Romania and open a two new stores built in Iasi and Arad, the romanian network currently totaling 171 stores.

Auchan Romania opened in Baia Mare the tenth remodeled store under Auchan brand and trade, in a series of 20 stores Real acquired last year from Real Metro Group. The eleventh store from the same series was inaugurated in Bucharest.

Mega Image retailer has opened in the middle of February 2014 its first store and the network from Romania reaching a total of 297 stores.

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