Romanian retail weekly news

Penny Market-JibouPROFI reached 210 stores in Romania (109 localities in 39 counties) and is the second largest retailer in Romania by number of stores. The last opening was in Giurgiu city, where PROFI retailer entered for the first time.

The german discounter Lidl has opened three stores this week, one in Bucharest, one in Popesti-Leordeni (Ilfov county) and one in Timisoara city, the network from Romania totalizing 174 stores.

The other discount retailer present in Romania, Rewe Group, who operates two dicounter banners, Penny Market and XXL Mega Discount, has inaugurated one store in Pipera, Ilfov County. Penny Market reached 149 stores in Romania. The other banner, XXL Mega Discount has 7 stores.

Auchan has opened the second store in Pitesti, the 12th real remodeled store, after Auchan aquisition from Metro Group. It remains only 8 real stores who will be remodeled this year from a total of 20 stores.

German retailer Kaufland has opened this week the second store in Oradea and his networking from Romania grew to 91 units.

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