Romanian Grocery Retail – The most important news from July 2017

Romanian Grocery Retail – For all our readers abroad, these are the most important news from Romanian Grocery Retail Market, in July 2017, provided by the, the most popular B2B online publication in Romania.

grocery retailIn July 2017, the FMCG retailers from Romania opened a total number of 15 stores, compared to 15 units opened in June 2017. Retailers like PROFI (589 stores in total), Lidl (211 stores in total) and Carrefour (181 supermarket stores in total) opened stores in July.

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Starting this summer, Kaufland has a new logo and renews its store design, company publication and website, with transformations that offer customers a simpler, faster and more fresh shopping experience.

Also, Kaufland Romania reinvents the concept of hypermarket and launches the first urban community gardens, transforming its roofs, outside of the car parkingss and stores into green areas that are cultivated with vegetables, fruits, shrubs, aromatic plants and flowers that can be used by the community.

The French group Carrefour announced on July 19th that it has taken over 51% of Bringo Magazin SRL, a company operating the Bringo platform, an IT application through which the products of different stores can be ordered and received by costumers directly at home.

The home delivery service will also be available in Bacău city and neighboring areas starting July 3, 2017. At the same time, the home delivery service is also available at Ploiesti, starting July 26, 2017.

Penny Market is the first Romanian retailer to obtain ISO 50001 certification and has the efficiency of its energy policies recognized in this way by an independent body, using an international standard, for all stores, warehouses in the country as well as for headquarters.

Coca-Cola HBC Romania, the largest beverage company, inaugurated the latest investment worth 7 million euros: a high-speed bottling line for bottling in the Timisoara plant with a Maximum production capacity of 90,000 doses / hour.

The Competition Council authorized the transaction through which the Lactalis group takes over Covalact SA and Lactate Harghita SA after the entire process has been publicly debated.

Romania’s retail volume increased by 4.3% in May 2017, compared to April 2017, the largest increase in retail sales in the European Union, according to data from the European Institute of Statistics (Eurostat).

In the first half of 2017 the AGRICOLA Group of Companies registered a turnover increase of 6% compared to the similar period in 2016, reaching 322,658 million lei (turnover does not include sales offsets, according to the applicable law of 2017).

Farmec, the most important Romanian cosmetics producer, registered sales of over 1 million euros through its own network of stores in the first 6 months of 2017.

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