Romanian FMCG Retail – The most important news from November 2020

Romanian FMCG Retail – For all our readers abroad, these are the most important news from Romanian FMCG Retail Market and FMCG industry, in November 2020, provided by, the most read B2B publication in online, in Romania, from retail & FMCG niche., an exclusively online B2B project, dedicated to the FMCG retail, FMCG industry and eCommerce sector, celebrates 10 years of activity with a new online platform, faster, cleaner and more functional.

Retail – Lidl

Lidl continued the investment on the local market by opening a new store in Alba Iulia, on 5th of November, and a new store in Covasna, on 26th of November.

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Together with its clients, Lidl supports for the fourth year consecutively the strategic partnership with UNICEF in Romania, through which it helps the students in rural environment to benefit of equal chances for inclusive and quality education.

Lidl continued to support the local producers through facilitating export  in the local products to the Lidl stores in Europe in a value of 59 millions euro in 2019.

Lidl launched a new communication campaign, „#HappinessOfLidl means more than you think”, that brought in the foreground some of the most important aspects which Lidl, as an employer, offered to the members of its team: a surprising career and unexpected benefits.

Retail – Carrefour

Carrefour Romania launched a digital ecosystem that integrates the first recruiting chatbot interface on the Romanian market built with UiPath technology, in partnership with two local companies: DRUID and RPAbox.

Carrefour Romania presented the results of the circular economy program We Put Price On Plastic, that proposes concrete actions to use the resources responsibly, to protect the environment and to support local partnerships and announced its extension in 2021.

Retail – cora

cora Romania reconfirmed the commitment for its clients with a new partnership with Glovo platform that permits the express delivery at home of the available products from the cora hypermarkets.

Retail – Auchan

As a sign of solidarity for the restaurants that need to suspend the activity in this period, Auchan, along with its partners, commercial centers, started a support action for them, encouraging its clients to order online from favorite restaurants from the galleries and commercial centers where the Auchan stores are present.

With the occasion of the National Day of Romania and out of a desire to bring in the attention of Romanians some of the most appreciated local FMCG brands, Auchan launched Romanian Emblem Labels Club.

Retail – Mega Image

Mega Image published the first annual report of the company, that reunites non-financial information about the activity in 2019 and relevant results for understanding social and environment performance and also the impact of the company’s activity on the local market.

Retail – Kaufland

Kaufland Romania announced that will offer to all its employees gift vouchers in a total value of 1.000.000 euro.

Kaufland Romania has been designated as The most sustainable company in Romania due to the major investments that it has done along last years – after publishing the results of the only and the most complex study that analysis the level of implication of the companies in sustainability and from the point of view of the economic, environmental and social impact.

Starting with 26th of November 2020, Kaufland became the first store network in which 100% of the pork meat from Romanian Shelf comes from pigs born, not just raised in Romania, following the extension of the stimulating program of the internal production.

Kaufland Romania offered the space from the stores to host the small local producers of fruits and vegetables that have difficulties in sales in this period.

Retail – PENNY

PENNY, part of REWE Romania, took the ambitious commitment that, in the next years, 60% of the assortment to be produced in Romania, the main ingredient to be made in Romania, and the intermediate processing to be made locally.

Retail – PROFI

In partnership with Kangoopack, company that offers integrated solutions for packaging, Profi has optimized its packaging process and obtained a reduction in pollution by decreasing the quantity of plastic and cardboard on the market, as part of the company’s strategy to protect the environment.

Retail – other retailers

Supeco, a retail brand owned by Carrefour, opened a new store in Oradea, on Corneliu Coposu Street no. 10, reaching 28 stores in Romania.

Tei group, that includes Tei Pharmacy and stores with children articles Bebe Tei, rented a space of almost 10.000 sqm in Metav industrial park, from the north of Bucharest, for the arrangement of an automatic deposit, transaction intermediated by Cushman & Wakefield Echinox.

Douglas, one of the most important premium brands from cosmetics industry, announced launching of RO Brands category, dedicated to local brands of cosmetics and beauty products, and invited consumers to recommend  local brands that they like, to be included on the platform


The Romanian beer Bucur, launched in the summer of 2019 by United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB), standard of the super premium segment, is recognized at international level with The Superior Taste Award 2020, accorded by The International Taste Institute.

In the project POPAS 2020, Nestlé Romania launched the first study of biodiversity for Cozia National Park, concentrating on the green areas a year ago, when over 500 Nestlé volunteers, Park’s administrations and members of local community collected over 40 tons of waste, sent to recycling and capitalization.

TOPGEL company, the Romanian producer of ice-cream and pastry types with the headquarters in Craiova, present on the market for over 25 years, purposed the local market the range of wafers TOP Wafers, after the company made, at the start of the year, investments of 1,5 millions euro in a production and packaging line of wafers.

The only beer in Romania in special edition for Christmas, Tuborg Christmas Brew celebrated 20 years of local presence.

Klintensiv, a company with 100% Romanian private capital and one of the fewest local producers of professional disinfectants with an alcohol concentration of 85%, has tested with success the products „Klintensiv disinfectant for hands” and „Klintensiv disinfectant for surfaces” against coronavirus.

Coca-Cola Romania launched a new campaign built around a season spot, that gives lives to the thought: „This year give something that you can give”. Coca-cola HBC Romania has been designated, for the 5th year consecutively, the most sustainable company in Romania by Romania SCR Index 2020, a study that analysis the performance and level of transparency of the corporate transparency around companies in Romania.

With a presence of over 60 years in the industry of packaging production, regional leader in the compostable bio-based production Prodplast made a natural step in its evolution adopting a new visual identity of the company, a new business model and a new name that have to present the values of the company – Promateris.

Artesana International, producers of Artesana dairies, from Tecuci, Galati, announced the launch of the first campaign of renewing the visual identity, since the establishment of the brand, 8 years ago, through an international consulting project financed by European Bang for Reconstruction and Development. The producer announced that it started the delivery of the products with the new labels in the biggest retail networks in Romania.

FrieslandCampina Romania offered the amateurs for a healthy lifestyle two new options for a tasty breakfast – Napolact Bio yogurts with granola with strawberries and raspberries and with seeds and honey.

ACE Romania, part of FATER group and leader on the European market of bleach segment, announced the extension of the portfolio of products.

Yves Rocher, the French brand of cosmetics, with a unique model of business through which it controls 100% the process of fabrication of its products, from the plant to its benefits on the skin, launched the Christmas Collections 2020.

ABSOLUT Vodka, part of Pernod Ricard company, global leader of wines and spirits, launched „Make a Move”, its new creative campaign, for all the wishes from the wishlist that can happen due to the collective power, occasion with which it launched the new bottle in limited edition – ABSOLUT Movement.

Food Service

Starbucks started the winter celebrations with the most awaited drinks of the cold season that came in the cafes.

The three entrepreneurs behind Cereal Crunch, Radu Savopol, Lucian Badila and Andrei Alecu, invested in a new business, Fika18.

Sphera Franchise Group continued the extension of Taco Bell business at national level by opening a new restaurant in Brasov, on 12th of November.

With the occasion of Fast-Food Day, LifeBox, leader on the healthy food delivery market in Romania, attracted attention on the incorrect eating behavior, which can lead to extra weight gain and to a negative impact on the health on long term.


The CSR Nest Association, with the support of Coca-Cola Foundation and in partnership with Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, launched a guide for good practices for separate collection.


The e-commerce market in Romania will reach in 2020 at 5.5 billions euro, meaning over 25-30% raised than last year, but it can reach 6 billions euro, provided that it was Black Friday, according to the declarations of Iulian Stanciu, CEO eMAG, in the online event GPeC Summit 2020, that took place on 2nd – 3rd of November 2020., the biggest food delivery platform in Romania, listed this year about 1000 stores at national level in Shops category in the app, and over all of November the company offered free delivery for the orders in this section. The platform announced that in 2020 has extended the operations in 19 new cities, and until the final of the year the company wants to extend in 2 new cities: Tulcea and Giurgiu.

The Online Shops Romanian Association (ARMO), member of Ecommerce Europe, the most important European organization about online commerce, estimated that this year Black Friday would register and average raise of sales with 20%, comparatively with last year, based on the generalized consume raise in the first 9 months and on the massive migration of clients to online, on al product categories.

These is the final data registered for the PayU sellers at Black Friday 2020, the biggest processor of local online payments, that organized the edition of this year, comparatively with data made by them in 2019.


Smart ID Dynamicsrecognized leader in IT industry in Romania, specialist in solutions for intensive work places and one of the most important suppliers of solutions and equipment for retail, announced the naming of Razvan Dragoi on the position of Deputy General Manager.


SMART Lighting & Installations, one of the most important builders of commercial spaces in Romania, that covers up the design and construction of installations and ambient lightning, have finished a new project for Douglas retailer.

Mercury360, one of the important players on the market of retail services, launched, in partnership with Vispera, the supplier of solutions for artificial intelligence, the first audit reporting platform of services for retail.

Brother, one of the most important producers of office equipment for the activity of documents administration, purposed to the companies in retail, eCommerce, FMCG industry and logistics operators the industrial printers for Brother TJ labels, for streamlining logistics processes.

Our Analysis

The 8th episode of the analysis, made periodically by the publication about the presence in Social Media of the biggest FMCG retailers in Romania.

Other analysis, made for the period November 2019 – November 2020, shows us which are the most popular FMCG retail brands in Romania from the point of view of Google searches, a criteria that contributed to the brand

Other Analysis

In October 2020, in grocery retail in Romania were opened 44 stores, in this account entering just the stores opened and officially released by the retailers.

The Romanian Coffee Association prepared for coffee lovers a few curiosities about the drink that garnishes the mornings and that is considered one of the most popular drinks in the world after water, with over 400 billions consumed cups each year.

Post-Brexit agreement is left to wait, even if the transition period expires soon, on 31st of December 2020.

After the sales record in 2019, Black Friday 2020 was announced to be a celebration of shopping under the austerity sign.

Bigger delivery times, VAT and duty taxes to be paid on the spot, plus the need for customs clearance of goods, everything doubled by the necessity for adapting IT systems and by the specialized personal in customs operations, this is just the tip of the iceberg named „Brexit” which the Romanian economical operators will hit, who has commercial partners in Great Britain, starting with 1st of January 2021, showed a material signed by Georgiana Iancu, Partner, Fiscal and Law Assistance and Mihai Petre, Manager, International Commerce, EY Romania.

Europeans have an average purchasing power per capita of 13.894 euro in 2020. Romania is on the 31st place in the European ranking with almost 60% under the European average.

Nine of ten Romanians know what Black Friday is, and over a half of them intended to acquire at least one product on the day with the biggest sales of the year, according to a Kantar Romania study.

The technology company 2Performant, that operates the biggest platform for affiliate marketing (paid advertising on sale) in Romania, being directly connected to the e-commerce industry, expected that Black Friday 2020 meant firstly a bigger significant number of online buyers, based on the decrease of the visits to online stores, but also new categories for products that will register raising sales, following the changes in the lifestyle imposed by covid era.

In the Black Friday period, we made a case study about the sales in the online stores, that have affiliate marketing, with the support of 2Performant.


The anniversary edition of 15 years of eCommerce Awards Gala, a GPeC event, brought together businesses from various niches, from fresh launched start-ups on the online market to consecrated names in the e-commerce industry.

The 11th edition of the largest expo-conference of business in Central and Eastern Europe that took place online, GoTech World, on 11th and 12th of November, where have participated over 16.000 professionals from industries such as: retail, IT, cybersecurity and marketing.

GoTech World 2020: The New Reality, the biggest event in the Central and Eastern Europe, announced official digits of this year edition.

Each autumn, in Romania starts the registration period for the competition Voted Product of the Year, competition that awards innovative products based on the Romanian consumers vote, expressed by them on a big market study, made on at least 4000 people.

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