Romanian Grocery Retail – The most important news from February 2018

Romanian Grocery Retail – For all our readers abroad, these are the most important news from Romanian Grocery Retail Market, in February 2018, provided by the, the most read B2B online publication in Romania from retail & FMCG niche.

retailPREMIUM: Carrefour announced recently the transformation plans to the entire Group, on a 5 years period, called Carrefour 2022. Beside the announced measures through the retailer is going to adjust the business model, but also organising the entire Group, on the markets where Carrefour operates, one natural question appear: if this plan is a restructure plan?

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As we already announced, the german discounter retailer ALDI entered in the italian market on 1st of March 2018, opening 10 stores, without taking any local store network.


In February 2018, the FMCG retailers from Romania opened a total number of 11 store, compared to 15 units opened in January 2018 and also 15 units opened in february 2017.

PROFI retailer, owned by private equity fund managed by Mid Europa Partners, has expanded the national network to 712 stores and remains the retailer with the most units but also the one with the largest expansion in Romania, present in 387 localities.

Lidl Romania mantains the leader position on the retail employers market and announced again salaries growth. The retailer finished the construction and arrangements to the new headquarters building, în Bucharest, a complex and sustainable project. Lidl launched in Romania Lidl Digital, an IT center of excellence that will bring solutions to e-commerce and management for the digital platforms of the retailer.

Mega Image Romania opened in February 2018 a new concept store in the heart of Bucharest, on Grigore Cobalcescu street 45, reaching 600 units. In the next 4 years, Romania will be the key to the economy growth of the retail group Ahold Delhaize, the company that owns Mega Image. Until 2022, Romania will own 7% of the sales of the group – supermarket division, double than 2017.

Kaufland Romania, leader on retail market, opened in February 2018  a new store in Bucharest, reaching 119 units. Also, the retailer will open 10 new stores in 2018 and will invest a budget of 20 million euro. The retailer received again this year the Top Employer title, certification accorded by Top Employers Institute from Netherlands. Kaufland started a big extension process to the fish showcases in the national network units. Also Kaufland received ISO 50001 energetic certification for the whole store network, logistic warehouses and administrative buildings, meaning that respects the highest standards about sustainability and efficient activities.

Carrefour Romania opened in February 2018 a new supermarket in Arad, reaching 233 units. Also, the retailer extends the scan and pay integrated system to 3 supermarkets.

REWE Romania launched 100 years of Romania campaign dedicated to the Centenary of the Great Union.

Metro Cash & Carry Romania launched the campaign to promote the „Buy more, pay less on the piece” program, that was launched to years ago.

Selgros Cash and Carry Romania with Chef Cezar Munteanu runed „Health starts on the plate” program and brings gastronomic education in schools to promote healthy food to children.

Auchan Retail Romania launched, a pilot project made in Cluj-Napoca.


Eldi is the bakery known for the tasty, natural and quality bread products. The story of Eldi bakery from Mures District started in 1996. The business grew every year and today has a 10 million euro income.

Farmec, the biggest romanian cosmetics producer, integrates the principles of avant-garde regenerative medicine in its own production, continuing the innovation activities on its products and the recent descoveries were valued in Gerovital Luxury range. Also, Farmec registered a sales growth on external market of 36%, value registered between years 2014 and 2017.

Holsten, part of URBB portofolio, launched a new image campaign Holsten – Brew Brotherhood, in partnership with Gheorghe Hagi and FC Viitorul Constanta football team.

Coca-Cola Romania registered an income growth in volume with 6% in 2017, according to financial results of Coca-Cola HBC.

The Purcari group, top wine producer in Central Europe, listed to Bucharest Stock Market, under the wine symbol, after realizing with success the Initial Public Offer for 49% of its actives.

Carlsberg, the beer brand from URBB portofolio, registered a growth sales rate in Romania with 21% in 2017 than 2016.

Doncafe, part of the Strauss Romania group, launched a campaign addressed to women in Romania, a new part of brand communication and marks an evolution of the label.

The bird meat sales of Agricola Bacau company reached a total volume in 2017 of 42,110 tones, more with 2% than last year (41,265 tones), and 6,2 in value.

In april 2018, will take place the 9-th edition of Voted Years Product study, the biggest competition of FMCG in the world.

Competition Counsil authorized the transaction in which Cris-Tim takes over the actives of Diavist Product SRL on production sales and distribution of the products.


The events serial BUYER POINT continues this year with the 15th edition of the B2B international event, dedicated to DIY industry, that will take place in Milano on 8 and 9 of May 2018. The event is organised by Collins italian editorial group and publication is a strategic partener from Romania for the 6th year.

Superbrands Romania, the association represented on the local market by BDR Associates, presented the brands with high performances in 2017.


Mastercard makes team with Pele in the new season of UEFA Champions League to celebrate the mode that football unites sport lovers and those moments in competition history that are priceless.

BinaSmartBusiness, the management solution in retail created and developed in Romania by Native Data System, offers to the small and medium retailers an innovative management system for stores with the same facilities that the biggest retailers have.


The volume of retail value in Romania grown in November 2017 with 11,4% compared to November 2016, according to INS.

The percentage of the companies that wait the profit decrease is twice bigger than last years beginning and of the companies that say they don’t grow investments is 18% in 2018 compared to 10% last yea, according to Business Evolution in 2018 study made by Valoria.

At the end of last year, the consumer trust in Europe continued to increase slowly and the consumer consumption index calculated by GfK for all the 28 states from EU reached 21.1 point in value – the biggest in the last 10 years.

On Valentine’s Day, 1 and 8 of March, chocolate is in every romanian gifts, beside flowers and surprises, and the chocolate local market could exceed 5 billion lei, according to KeysFin.

The romanian FMCG market registered, in 2017, 7% growth and modern retail reached a 59% percent of the market share of all retail.

The most top managers in the companies say that the growth of minimum economy salary will affect profitability and the trust that 2018 is more favorable than 2017 is low.

”Cities and districts in Romania” study made by, the announces platform dedicated to real estate, launched by OLX, analized the perception of citizens about cities and districts in which they live.


The architect could be presented as a true creator of stores, the manager of MATIUS studio and the one that started Retail Academy – the first community of international experts in retail services.

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