Romanian Grocery Retail – The most important news from April 2019

Romanian Grocery Retail – For all our readers abroad, these are the most important news from Romanian Grocery Retail Market, in April 2019, provided by, the most read B2B publication in online, in Romania, from retail & FMCG niche.

From 9 to 11th of October 2019, will take place EXPO SHOP 2019, the second edition of the only retail exhibition in Romania dedicated to retail services, a B2B event which will take place in Bucharest.


Kaufland Romania launched the Countryside private label, its first range of over 300 products for gardening, exterior arrangements and products for camping and nature relaxation.

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Also, Kaufland Romania opened a new store in Bragadiru, the first one in Ilfov country, reaching 122 units nationally. More, the retailer launched „The good food is” – a new communication platform through which it proposes to inspire Romanians to discover and experiment all the feelings associated with good food.

In a context in which the commerce is more an equation based on technology, Carrefour Romania is focusing on digital transformation. The retailer opened the first Supeco store in Cluj-Napoca and the 15th unit in Romania. All the employees of Carrefour from the headquarters – until the CEO level – joined their colleagues from the stores to help them in a special period, before Easter and 1st of May mini-vacation.

dm drogerie markt adopted a different work mode adapted after a german philosophy developed in tens years of activity on the retail market.

REWE Romania, the operator of the Penny Market discount store network, registered a raise of the sales of 14,6% in the 2018/2019 financial year. Romania represented to the retail the external market with the biggest raise on the discount segment in the whole group.

Auchan Retail Romania opened the first proximity store under the Auchan brand in Romania. The retailer launched the online store, associated with the retail brand with non-food products of the French retailer.

Farmec, the biggest romanian producer of cosmetics, launched its own magazine, Gerovital Magazine.

Lidl opened a new store in Jimbolia, Timis county, reaching 248 units The retailer’s new campaign „The family life is not how you expect to be. It is better”, consolidates the retailer’s promise to be everyday near romanians bringing the brands values closer to them. Also, Lidl offered to all the employees of over 240 stores 2 free days, the first and the second days of Easter, on 28th and 29th of April.

As a result of the operation Demetra, for controlling the commercialization circuits of imported fruits and vegetables, the grocery retail companies in Romania grouped in the AMRCR (retailer association) are affirming the total support, with all the means, for the eradication of the frauds.

The soft franchise network LaDoiPasi, developed by METRO Cash & Carry, reached over 820 stores and aims to the number of 1.100 stores until the final of 2019.

Mega Image opened a new supermarket in Bacau, on Calea Marasesti, no. 104, reaching 685 units.

The 100% Romanian brand CUPIO, one of the most representative brands on the market of professional cosmetics and make-up products, opened a store in Parklake commercial centre in Bucharest.


VINCON Romania, one of the biggest wine producers in Romania, launched this spring a new brand – Otet Artizanal (Craft Vinegar).

The Coca-Cola system in Romania, containing Coca-Cola Romania and Coca-Cola HBC Romania, launched a new water bottling line of last generation at the factory from Poiana Negrii, Suceava, with a maximum capacity of production of 1,3 million litres of water a day. The producer launched a new energy drink, Coca-Cola Energy.

Managis Bio, the importer of organic products, organic dietary foods without additives and of organic products without gluten, proposed to bring closer the products to the desirous customers of a healthy lifestyle.

Inter Conecter, with over 18 years of experience in the import and distribution of the food products and over 30 top brands in portfolio, among which is Americana, one of the company’s own brands, returned in Romania the Cipiripi chocolate and launched Americana FINEZZA KIDS.

Inspired by the coolness of the nature, Bergenbier started the planting of 50.000 of trees in three mountain zones in Romania, beside EcoAssist Association, the legal representative of the initiative „Planting good deeds in Romania”.

Oti Group, the Romanian company specialised on the market for cleaning supplies, household items and disposable products, introduced new products in its offer, ticking the innovation component, through the range of SMART CLEANING, and ecological component, through the range of biodegradable and compostable products, Oti Green.

Kinder Chocolate launched a new global image, that represents bold spirit and cleverness specified to today’s children and that can be found on over 500 million products around the world, making known the new symbol of curiosity in over 60 countries.

Starting with the first quarter of 2019, Kobi Dar took over as President of UNITED ROMANIAN BREWERIES BEREPROD (URBB), known as Tuborg Romania.

Haagen-Dazs, the number 1 super premium ice cream in the world, distributed in Romania by Maresi Foodbroker, changed its visual identity, focusing on the extraordinary that every one of us can find every day.

Danonino launched an innovation for children: the yoghurt that you can take anywhere with you.

HELL ENERGY, leader on the local market of energy drinks, launched a new products, HELL ENERGY ACTIVE, and and aims to reach a market share of 35% regarding the number of sold units.

Timisoreana, the Romanian beer with the longest tradition in Romania, honored the true heroes of football, the ones that play it with passion, dedication and fair-play on the stadium and behind the block.

S.C. Parmafood Group Distribution S.R.L. KIMBO took over the import and distribution for retail market in Romania of the italian coffee brand.

Almost 7000 companies were focused these days to product and sale sweet breads and all kinds of sweets for the Easter dinner of the Romanian’s.


In the retail ecosystem, the main challenge that is outlined is the maintenance of the client’s satisfaction, a more sophisticated client that has the power of online beside him.

ROPECO company, the only distributor authorized by Glory Global Solution producer to market and to do service for CASHINIFINITY equipments and solutions in Romania, proposed for the Romanian retail market simple and efficient technologies to cash in front office and in back office.

Rosehome is an online store and that contains a showroom with thousands of products used for the complete equipment of restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops and events salons.

On 29th of December 2018 was published the Government Emergency Ordinance 114/2018 that provides, through many fiscal measures, modifications to the Law no. 52/2011 on the exercising of occasional activities developed by laborers: the reducing of the domains in which the laborers can be employed and the limitation of the number of days to develop the activities.


Superbrands, represented on the local market by BDR Associates, announced the 2019 edition of Superbrands Program for Romania and the first stages.

Modern Buyer publication is organising RO EXPERT FORUM, an event dedicated to Romanian producers who want to access or to consolidate the position on the external markets and to FMCG distributors and retailers on these markets, carriers and service providers.


In February 2019, the volume of the retail fiscal value raised as a gross series with 9,1% and as adjusted series depending on the working days and on the seasonality with 9,5% compared to the same month last year according to INS.

In March 2019, in grocery retail in Romania were opened 32 stores, including just the stores opened and officially communicated by the retailers.

The beer market in Romania registered a raise of 3% in 2018, reaching a volume of 16,6 million Hl, announced the Association of Romania’s Brewers, which presented the evolution of the beer market last year.

The Romanian economy is directing to a historical record in exports in 2019.

Quickly, easily and more personalized – these are the main expectations of the customers in retail FMCG industry in Romania.

Romanian Grocery Retail

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